Frightened By a Diagnosis of Osteoporosis?
Who Can You Trust To Give You a Reliable, Scientifically Proven Formula, Guaranteed to Successfully Reverse Osteoporosis?

At Last! The Truth About How
You Can Reverse Osteoporosis
Naturally and Permanetly!

Osteoporosis Doesn’t Have to be a “Life Sentence”
… Don’t Let This Diagnosis Steal Your Dreams!! 
You CAN take control of Your Health!


“It Confirms My Intuition About Calcium Supplementing”

Reverse osteoporosis naturally
"I'll use this book to create a strategy… to keep my bones well into old age."

"I was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer in May 2000… after surgery the doctors told me they had to touch my parathyroid and put it back in… basically saying that with a hope and a prayer, it would still manage my calcium levels for me. Since 2000 my bone density has dropped into osteopenia and getting close to osteoporosis… allegedly.

"I have really enjoyed reading your in-depth research and it confirms my intuition about calcium supplementing. I was also interested to read about the bone density machines…

"This book is so good that I am going to re-read it carefully and create a strategy for moving forward to keep my bones well into my old age. Congratulations on a great job!!"

Julie Lewin, International Medical Intuitive 
Warwick, Qld, Australia. Mob: 0421 542 436; Email: 




“It Has Been a Real Eye-Opener”

"Shirley, thank you for your book, The Truth About Osteoporosis. Coming from a background in traditional medicine, I have never looked at osteoporosis in the way you describe it. It has been a real eye-opener!

"The section on the root causes of Osteoporosis (according to Dr. Shallenberger) made so much more sense than the usual 'lack of calcium' explanation. My doctor has recommended that I go for a bone scan just to establish a baseline for my bone density. After reading this section in your book I really don't see the need, as it won't tell me anything about the strength of my bones!

"I recommend this book as an invaluable resource for any woman approaching that time in her life where being well informed about her health is vital to maintaining great quality of life." 

Maria Leydon 
Sydney, NSW, Australia


If you (or someone you care about) have been diagnosed with bone loss (osteoporosis or osteopenia) this guidebook is a must-read for you! 


The next few minutes could be the most important time investment you have ever made!

Save yourself hours of research looking for answers to your questions as I reveal the secrets I have learned!  Here’s what you are about to discover …

  • The truth … Osteoporosis can be reversed! 
  • The only fear in osteoporosis is for those who don’t take action!
  • The difference between Bone Strength and Bone Density
  • The crucial role bones play in your overall health
  • The important questions you should be asking
  • Get the correct story on where calcium fits in
  • Is there a place for hormone therapy? What is safe?
  • What role do prescription medicines have?
  • What about supplements – do they really help, and which ones should I take?
  • What are the great bone robbers?
  • Get a cutting edge understanding of the little known “underlying causes” of osteoporosis
  • Gain insight for a breakthrough in restoring bone health at any stage!
  • Discover how gut health is a major key to bone health
  • Embrace the sports that you love… don’t let this ‘condition’ steal your fun!
  • Instead… learn how to enjoy Vibrant Health… and really live until your die!

Have you been frightened by the “statistics” published about osteoporosis?
Unfortunately osteoporosis knows no age boundaries. Even people in the prime of life have been diagnosed with this life-limiting condition!

I know of people who live their lives in fear because of these scary statistics!  Instead of looking forward to their golden years, they are dreading them. 

You don’t have to say ‘goodbye’ to your favorite activities for fear of spontaneous fractures! Living a life filled with fear is not my idea of a quality life.

But I want you to know!
I have good news for you!!


“My goal was to achieve optimum health… and to do it naturally.”
Shirley Alsop

My name is Shirley Alsop, author of The Truth About OsteoporosisI wrote this guidebook for YOU!  You were drawn to this title either because:

1. You’ve been told you have osteoporosis or osteopenia,
2. Someone you care deeply about has been told they have osteoporosis or osteopenia, or
3. You’ve read and heard about all the scary stuff, and you want to make sure you are armed with truth and good information to prevent that diagnosis from ever applying to you!

No matter which one applies, you have come to the right place, because this book is designed to guide you through all of the information and mis-information regarding osteoporosis.

Don’t let your dreams be blown away!

Your Right to KNOW!

You have a right to know the truth.  You have a right to be informed and empowered.  You no longer have to take all the bad news you hear at face value.  Now you can know for yourself what is true, and what are well-designed myths.  By reading The Truth About Osteoporosis, You will be armed with enough information to make informed decisions about YOUR HEALTH and WELLBEING!

How I Came to Write This Book

I’m probably the least likely person to ever write a book!  But I had the extreme distress of witnessing both my parents suffer with devastating diseases in their waning years of life – my father with multiple sclerosis, my mum with osteoporosis and alzheimer's. I would not wish this horrendous experience on anyone!

Angry; Frustrated; Highly Motivated

The worst part was that I realized the medical world had nothing to offer us in these terrible situations. It angered and frustrated me. (As a conventional-medicine oriented nurse and midwife, this was a radical paradigm shift for me!)

So when I was diagnosed with osteopenia myself, I was highly motivated to research and learn all I could about it.  I wanted to know if there were lifestyle changes I could make to heal my own body.  My goal was to achieve optimum health… and to do it naturally… without synthetic hormones, mega-doses of calcium or prescription drugs.

Further motivation was so I could keep up with my outdoors-loving husband as we go hiking, camping, snowshoeing…

There’s nothing like being on a mountain-top! At McKinnon Pass, Milford Track, New Zealand, celebrating my 60th birthday.
Off to do some snowshoeing on Mt Feathertop, my favorite alpine peak in Victoria, Australia.

What motivates you? What are the things you love doing… that you don’t want to have to give up? Traveling? Dancing? Cycling? Tennis? Gardening? Picking up your grandchildren? The list could go on and on!

It’s true… it can take a bit of effort to stay fit and healthy… especially when you are passed the ‘prime of life’… but the rewards make it all worthwhile! It’s all about the lifestyle you can continue to enjoy!

That’s why I wanted to share with you the amazing results of my experience and research… it’s all revealed in my book, The Truth About Osteoporosis.

Finding Health-Minded Professionals

When I first began my search, I could find little or nothing on the subject of bone loss.  Little by little I began to fit together the pieces to the puzzle. 

I found highly-trained professionals who have extensive knowledge of bone health.  These are professionals who know and understand how the body works and how the body can come into a natural balance that enhances bone health. 

I conducted in-depth interviews with these leading researchers and asked all of the questions that you have been asking… and a few more besides!

The experts I interviewed were excited to spread the good news about how to stay healthy… and live life to the full!

These professionals include:

  • Nutritionists
  • Naturopaths
  • Medical Doctors
  • Research Scientists
  • Anthropologists
  • Professors
  • Herbalists
  • Wellness coaches

… and they are tops in their fields!  Their findings will amaze and astonish you.

One of these experts is quoted in the book as saying:
“Then I researched it myself.… I learned a lot of surprising facts about osteoporosis and osteopenia – completely different from what I’d been taught in medical school.  It was a real revelation.” 

This doctor clearly admits that what she learned in medical school did not line up with what she discovered by doing her own personal research about this so-called disease! 

More to Osteoporosis Than Meets the Eye

So what does that mean for you and for me?

It means there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to

  • The diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia
  • The results of a DEXA scan (bone density test)
  • The prescribing of prescription drugs to treat osteoporosis
  • The statistics used to circulate public information regarding osteoporosis or osteopenia

So how will you ever learn the truth? By reading
The Truth About Osteoporosis,
that’s how!

The more I learned in my research and by studying and interviewing these experts, the more excited I became.  And NOW I want to share all of this Good News with you so you too can have this life-changing experience.  It’s all included in The Truth About Osteoporosis!  You deserve to know the truth!

  • Are you tired of being just another number when you visit the doctor’s office?
  • Are you frustrated with the “one-size-fits-all” type of diagnoses and treatments?
  • Are you weary to death of being rushed through your doctor’s appointment and never getting your questions answered?
  • Do you wish that for just once some medical professional would talk to you about your whole body instead of just one part (such as your heart or your bones)?
You too can be a winner!

Personal Empowerment

Personal empowerment comes with knowledge.  When you are armed with knowledge… you are not easily lulled into believing that popping a couple of pills will solve complex health problems.  When you are armed with knowledge… you will ask wise questions – probing questions – and will not be satisfied with vague statistics or with “one-size-fits-all” diagnoses or prescriptions.

Who cares more about your health than you do?  You are YOU.  There is no one else on the face of the earth just like YOU.  So it stands to reason that “cookie cutter” treatments should not be tolerated. A “one-size-fits-all” program won’t be designed to meet your unique needs!

The Truth About Osteoporosis
is the exact tool you need to arm yourself with truth.

You don’t need to be a Detective, searching out clues… I’ve done it for you already!

Vague, Arbitrary Information
Have you ever wondered why information regarding osteoporosis is so vague and arbitrary?  Are you totally convinced that the results of a DEXA bone scan are telling you exactly what you need to know about your own bone structure?  Are you totally convinced that the prescriptions handed out for osteoporosis are the total and complete answer to the problem?

This book could make all the difference –
for your health and for your life!

Once you purchase The Truth About Osteoporosis you will want to keep it close at hand to use as a reference book. You will find yourself returning to it time and time again!  You will want to tell your friends, family and co-workers about the truths you learn from this incredible book!

Help! How do I get out of this maze?

We All Have Questions!

I know you have questions, just like I had questions. You want to know:

  • Is osteoporosis a normal part of aging?
  • What are the underlying causes of osteoporosis?
  • Is it possible to rebuild better bones?
  • How can I create strong bones that will support me all my life! 
  • Can my lost bone be replaced?
  • What causes faulty bone metabolism?
  • What is the difference between bone density and bone strength… and does it matter?


I believe these are legitimate question.  And I believe these questions deserve honest answers. But where will you go to find the honest answers?  Will the medical community answer them? Will the big pharmaceutical companies answer them?

Vague, Yet Scary, Statistics!

Are you familiar with what these generally-accepted statistics say about osteoporosis? (Here are only three out of many!) 

Do We Have to Take Vague Statistics at Face Value?

Is every woman over the age of 50 at the mercy of these statistics?  Are they to be taken at face value with no questions asked?  Or is there more information that we have not been told?  Information that could mean the difference between being a victim of or becoming a victor over osteoporosis?

Would You Like to Know How YOU can TAKE CONTROL?

  • Would you like to know if there are things you’re doing in your life right now that cause bone loss? 
  • Would you like to know the ways in which you could make even small changes in lifestyle that would enhance bone health? 
  • Would you like to know FOR SURE if your choice of lifestyle can reverse bone loss or improve bone health?

It’s All Here in my Book:
The Truth About Osteoporosis

Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you’ll have at your fingertips…

  • Statistics can lead to false conclusions (page 27)
  • Bone Quality or Quantity? Density or Strength? Find what matters! (page 38)
  • What happens to “unabsorbed” calcium? (page 52)
  • How do prescribed medications fit in the equation? (page 57)
  • What is the “4-R Program”… and can it help reverse osteoporosis? (page 68)
  • What part does protein play in bone health? (page 72)
  • What contribution does “lifestyle” make? Am I unknowingly my own worst enemy? (page 77)
  • What about inflammation and stress? How do they impact my bones?(page 78)
  • Does an acidic system affect the progress of osteoporosis? (page 83)
  • Who would suspect this sneaky culprit (in your tap water) as contributing to loss of bone health? (page 88)
  • Discover 4 easy steps for relieving stress (page 101)
  • What part do hormones play in osteoporosis? (page 116-117)
  • How to encourage new bone growth (page 131)
  • Find 7 steps to a workable exercise program (page 136)
  • Look at the “whole body” (page 139)
  • 12 steps to changing habits effortlessly (page 149)

You will find all of this information… and more… in The Truth About Osteoporosis.  

This is the information I wish I’d found when I was first diagnosed with osteopenia and then osteoporosis! But for you there’s a whole lot more…

 Act Now and Get All These Bonuses – 
 Absolutely FREE! 

To make sure I had the very best, most pertinent, honest and well-researched information possible for my book, I conducted extensive interviews with a number of health professionals – all experts in their field.

NOW I want to give you the audios of these interviews.  While these professional experts are widely quoted in the book, still and yet, it was impossible to include every nugget that they shared with me.

But You Can Have IT ALL!!

Everyone who orders The Truth About Osteoporosis will receive these audio interviews on MP3.  That’s right, you can own the book AND have the audios both.  They are yours absolutely FREE.


Mr H. L. “Sam” Queen, M.A., C.C.N., C.N.S. Come and get a glimpse of the break-through health model Sam Queen has produced from his 50 years experience in studying the realities of health.

Mr. H. L. “Sam” Queen
 “Acid-base balance determines the direction of flow of minerals… out of… and into the bone.”


Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D. has devoted his thirty-five-year professional career to understanding the fundamentals of why we age and get sick… and what keeps us well.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger
“Develop a lifestyle… that slows down the rate of deterioration so you can be 90 years old and go out skiing!”


Dr. Carolyn DeMarco, M.D. has led the way with the pro-active ‘take charge’ approach to health care. Her mission has been to inform, inspire and empower women to take charge of their health at every level.

Dr. Carolyn DeMarco
 “There’s more and more indication that osteoporosis is due to a chronic inflammation.”


Susan Brown, Ph.D, is known as ‘the bone health nutritionist’ and combines her qualifications of medical anthropologist and certified nutritionist with her passion to help people become informed and to take control of their bone health.

Dr. Susan Brown
“There are many medical issues that can cause bone loss… by correcting the underlying cause you can get back to creating healthy bones.”


Amy Joy Lanou, Ph.D, is particularly interested in how nutrition can be used to prevent chronic disease, and promote bone health.

Dr. Amy Lanou
“The assumption that if we pour calcium into our bodies will make our bones stronger… is not the case.”


Christa Way, MSc (psych), Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach, is inspired by people who are living their possibility, and is passionate about being a catalyst for opening people to what is possible for themselves and their lives.

Christa Way
“If there’s a breakdown in one part of the body, it’s going to affect everything else.”


Barbara O’Neill, Naturopath, Nutritionist, International Speaker and Health Director of the Misty Mountain Health Retreat in New South Wales, Australia, is passionate about good health and natural self-healing. She believes in giving the body optimum conditions in order for it to heal itself.

Barbara O’Neill
“The countries in the world that consume the greatest amount of dairy products actually have the highest incidence of osteoporosis.”

As well as these invaluable interviews I wanted to share with you one more special bonus…



Join Debbonnaire Kovacs as she leads you through a sometimes neglected way to find the peace that will give you the power to master anything you meet! It’s the oldest and most effective method to meditate. Discover (or re-discover) a step by step guide to Biblical meditation that will propel you forward in your healing process.

Debbonnaire Kovacs
 “This is your pivotal key to inner peace.”


I can hear you say, Okay Shirley, it sounds like you have found the answers to my questions and have put together an easy-to-follow guide to not only reverse my osteoporosis, but naturally and permanently eliminate it! So… how much is this going to cost?

Well, that’s the best part – the price! To be honest with you, if I added up all the countless hours and hard work I’ve put into this book, you couldn’t pay for it!

But I want you to have the benefit of this research, and so I’ve come up with a price that’s fair for both of us. So for less than the cost of a visit to your doctor… you can have this special book AND all the free bonuses for only $37 and that’s it!

So… instead of you having to spend time and money chasing answers you will find them ALL here in one easy-to-read and understand eBook!

I want to eliminate any excuses at all for not buying this book. $37 is cheap in anyone’s language! I mean, I spend more than that on dinner out! Surely your health is worth more than $37 to ensure complete reversal of osteoporosis and allow you to lead a full, fun life! (As you can tell, I’m pretty passionate about this topic!)

One more thing…

Just in case you’re not 100% sure if you are making the right decision, I’d like to take 1000% of the risk away from you and put it ALL on my shoulders.

How am I doing that? Simple. Here’s my Zero Risk Guarantee. Check it out…


“A Very Empowering Book” 

Everything you need to know about Osteoporosis
"You'll find everything you need to know about Osteoporosis and what you can do about it."

"This e-book will give you everything you need to know about why you have osteoporosis and what you can do about it. I'ts a very empowering book and will help get you back on the road to health in many ways.

"I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand their body and their bone health."

Prof. Dr. Shirley Mcilvenny, M.D., MBBCh, FRCGP(UK), FRACGP 
Surfers Paradise, Qld, Australia




“Interesting & Challenging”

"A very interesting and challenging book! I found it hard to turn the computer off… I had to finish reading it. This book will be informative not only for those diagnosed with Osetoporosis, but for myself and women who wish to achieve an overall sense of well being with vibrant energy to follow the challenges of each day."

Violet Lear 
Dingley, Vic, Australia

It’s all about the CHOICES you make. Choose to be informed and empowered!

So now you have it… You’ve really got nothing to lose – right?

If you are like me… I wanted to be sure that the information I found was from sources I could trust, and showed me not just how to reverse my osteoporosis, but also how to identify and deal with all the underlying causes as well. Here are your answers… all in one convenient place!

Wishing you health and vitality!

PS: Have you been frightened by all of the scary statistics about osteoporosis?  Get rid of your fears once and for all… you are just moments away from learning the real truth as revealed in The Truth About Osteoporosis

PPS: If you value your health, if you want to live until you die (live a full, happy life and enjoy an active lifestyle) then this book is a MUST-READ for you! AND remember… you get 8 incredible FREE BONUS GIFTS as well – all included in the one low price of only $37.00!

PPPS: Let me remind you that you’re totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee! So there’s no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for?


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